• Scientific Research: Develop research-based and practice-based programs that are culturally relevant, innovative, and community-driven to improve health behaviors, health inequities, and health outcomes.
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDH): Strategic planning, training, and resource development to address multi-level SDH factors that shape organizational practices, direct services, health outcomes, and community partnerships.
  • Community Health Assessment: Understanding Health, Healthcare Access, and Health Experiences of High-Risk Communities in Danville

In 2016, the Health Collaborative, IALR, Danville Regional Foundation commissioned an initiative to [insert text]. As a result, [insert text]. As a project consultant, TMCG used a collaborative participatory approach that worked directly with commissioning organizations and community members to: 1) develop the CHA questionnaire, 2) train community members to collect data and develop data collection events, 3) data analysis, and 4) report write-up. To date, this project has been accepted for national poster and roundtable presentations. Check out the abstracts here;


Health Equity Leadership Institute (HELI). TMCG, Community Activist, and TMCG partners are using a community collaborative approach to develop HELI. HELI aims to [insert description]. We firmly believe that places such as the Dan River Region can be the epicenter of innovative justice and health work-to include HELI. We are currently looking for interns, funders, and facilitators to join the HELI team. For more information, please call 434-483- or email